A Wedding Present With A Difference

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If you want to find an unusual wedding gift you might want to think about a personalized gift to commemorate the happy couple. If you don’t want your gift to be the same as everyone else then there are loads of beautiful gift ideas out there which will allow you to design a unique present in a thoughtful way.

  • Hand-Embroidered Linen
  • Homemade Chocolates
  • Custom Artwork
  • Personalized Jewellery
  • Photography Sessions

By choosing a personalized wedding gift you’ll be able to avoid the embarrassment of picking the same present as someone else, and at the same time congratulate the happy couple in a way that is truly meaningful.

How to Make Your Gift Stand Out

If you have a particular talent then making your own wedding present can be a great idea. If you play an instrument you could write a song, if you’re a good artist then a beautiful portrait will be well received. But if you’re looking to buy a wedding gift then there are plenty of options. Gifts for the home such as glass wear or linen can be easily customized and most places offer customization services in-store for a minimal cost. If you’re on a budget then a pair of photo frames can be easily personalized by adding favorite photos of the happy couple. Photos are a great reminder of love, which is why they make such brilliant gifts. Some opt for photo engraved jewellery which, though a little pricier, is certainly a wedding present with a difference. ‘His’n’Hers’ is a popular option, although images can be of anything you like. Visit photo-images.net for inspiration.

Timeline of Celebrity Gifts

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It’s the Thought That Counts

Whether you’re on a budget or not, the reason people love to receive a personalized wedding gift is because it shows how much you’ve thought about what it is you’re giving them. Think about what it is that makes them a unique and special couple and design your present around their interests. For a couple who are into camping, a His’n’Hers Sleeping Bag set makes an ideal present and is one that you know they’ll use. For a couple on the go a coffee maker is a great idea, but personalize it by presenting it filled with their favorite coffee blend so every morning they’ll be able to enjoy your thoughtful gift. The best part about giving a wedding present with a difference is that the more unique it is, the more memorable and loved it will be.

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