Japan Flesh Love Photography with Couples Wrapped in Vacuum

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Men and women will do just about anything to have photos of their most special moments alive. Wedding events are simply among those special occasions that couples are going to remember all through their lives. Some brides prefer to have her photo captured right before she leaves her house, when she gets outside the bridal car and the like. The bride and groom may additionally want images when they released the doves. Alternatively, if you choose to have your engagement or wedding portrait photography carried out inside the photo studio, you can easily figure out which pose looks fantastic for you.

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Bizarre Love Photography Wrapped in Vacuum

For our article today, let’s take a look at how some couples manage to have their portrait taken holding their breath for love. On his Tokyo apartment, Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi squeeze couples together in a plastic bag, sucked the air with a vacuum cleaner, and then take these bizarre shots for his photo series “Fresh Love.” Japanese photographer manage to keep love fresh for eternity.

Is this a proof of true love?

Flesh Love #1

03-japan-flesh-love photography

Flesh Love #2

04-japan-flesh-love photography

Flesh Love #3


Flesh Love #4

06-japan-flesh-love photography

Flesh Love #5


Flesh Love #6

08-japan-flesh-love photography

Flesh Love #7


Photography Setup


Flesh Love #8

11-japan-flesh-love photography

About 80 couples where photograph inside the 100 by 150 centimeters in size bag wherein the couples literally fit together for love. – via Featureshoot

If you’re searching for a photographer to capture your engagement or wedding photos, consider the kind of images you prefer to have taken. Modern day professional photographers are no longer limited by classic posed images of couples sitting together on one another’s lap. Look for a photographer who is seasoned in taking candid memories you share together with your spouse in a scenic setting.

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