Wedding Lighting Ideas You Can Try Using Candles in Decorative Holders

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Planning for a wedding as a whole is quite elaborate with all the particular details that you have to keep in mind. When working with wedding decorations, you can find huge choices to select from. However, not everything can match the type of wedding theme you and your better half have decided.


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To present an added nastalgic sensation to your ceremony or venue, you may want to include a few lighting effects to set the mood. Use candles of various shapes and design, to embellish and light up the reception tables. There are a number of options in floating candles as well as candles on stand. The neat thing is that they are available in plenty of colors and scents. For this reason, it is easy to gather candles which will compliment the wedding color theme.

Wedding Unity Candles


Thе lighting оf thе unity candle iѕ a tradition thаt signifies thе union thаt exists bеtwееn a mаn аnd a woman whо enter intо marriage. It iѕ a popular tradition bоth fоr religious аnd non-religious ceremonies ѕinсе it саn simply bе included in аnу wedding. Traditions vary оn hоw lоng thе candles ѕhоuld remain lit. Sоmе brides аnd grooms prefer tо kеер аll thrее candles burning until аftеr thе ceremony iѕ over. Othеr couples blow thе taper candles оut аftеr thе unity candle iѕ lit аnd оnlу аllоw thе unity candle tо continue tо bе lit thrоugh tо thе еnd оf thе ceremony.

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If you haven’t figured out an exceptional idea for wedding decoration, try putting eye-catching candles throughout the reception venue. Candles can be a timeless alternative that enhances the romantic ambiance of the wedding. You can both use the votive candles or perhaps the tall tapers based on the timeframe of the ceremony. You can even opt for the electric candles which come in elegant designs to be on the safer side. Candle holders are, in addition marvelous accents and has often been widely used for the holiday season to decorate the dinner table and all that jazz.

20 Candle Design Ideas in Decorative Holders

1. Bride and Groom Candlestick

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2. Cinnamon Stick Candles

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3. Candles in Old Pepper Grinder

04-07-pepper-grinder-candlesVIEW SOURCE


4. Rock Candles

05-20-rock-candlesVIEW SOURCE


5. Bicycle Chain Tea Light Candle

06-17-bicycle-chain-candleVIEW SOURCE


6. Seashell Candles

07-06-seashell-candlesVIEW SOURCE


7. Bamboo Candles

08-08-bamboo-candlesVIEW SOURCE


8. Super-bowl Candles

09-01-super-bowl-candlesVIEW SOURCE


9. Candle Wrapped in Corn

10-10-corn-candlesVIEW SOURCE


10. Wired Tea Lights

11-14-wired-candleVIEW SOURCE


11. Apple as Candle Holder

12-03-table-candle-appleVIEW SOURCE


12. Corrugated Candle

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13. Tree Stump Candle

14-16-tree-stump-candleVIEW SOURCE


14. Eggshell Candle Votives

15-05-eggshell-candle-votivesVIEW SOURCE


15. Orange Ring Candle

16-10-orange-candleVIEW SOURCE


16. Chalkboard Candles

17-19-chalkboard-candlesVIEW SOURCE


17. Candle in Flower Pot

18-04-flower-pot-candleVIEW SOURCE


18. Wood Candle Holder

19-22-log-candleVIEW SOURCE


19. Candle in Small Pots

20-11-flower-pot-candleVIEW SOURCE


20. Halloween Theme Wedding Candle

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Wedding lighting style definitely creates a world of difference. It sets the mood of the event and will easily boost or weaken the atmosphere of the ceremony or wedding venue. Including the fact that professional photographers together with videographers depend greatly on using proper lighting to photograph every moments perfectly.