Wedding Planning Tips for a Perfect Wedding

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Some women really will have been planning their weddings since they were little girls; others will have spent that time telling everyone that listen that they’ll never do anything as passé as get married and some really won’t have spared it much thought. But it does sneak up on you and in next to no time you can find yourself neck deep in asymmetric hems and tiaras and it can be more than a little bit overwhelming.

So where to start? With all this talk of ‘best day of your life’ and ‘all about you’, the pressure’s on. But it’s actually easy to forget the ‘all about you’ bit when suddenly you’re factoring in two sets of loving parents’ expectations, extended family and friends you want can get lost in a flurry of mini bridesmaids and Uncle Norman’s ‘hilarious’ turn on the dance floor. So the first thing any bride should do is to sit down, by her self, without interruptions, and think about what she really wants from her day. In some exceptional cases the groom can go with her…but it’s rare.

Once you’ve got the basic plan for your wedding sorted, there are some bullet points you can work through, like any well planned military excursion it’s crucial to have a system, and many lists.

Wedding Budget


It’s all very well going Pinterest crazy with Vera Wang wedding dresses and cathedrals but sort out your budget. The amount people spend on their weddings vary hugely so decide from the start how much you want to spend and use that as a starting point, rather than letting it build into nervous breakdown territory. Also don’t be fooled into thinking that your wedding will only be spectacular if you pour huge amounts of cash into it; it’s how well its planned and executed, and of course the bride and groom that will make it a wonderful day.

Wedding Seating Plan


Having all the people you love in one place sounds very nice in theory, but our 200 nearest and dearest can often be a surprisingly varied bunch, which is lovely – variety is the spice of the life – however letting Aunty Dorothy and ‘kooky’ Jade share a table won’t be fun for anyone. This is something that can really make or break a reception so take your time over it and don’t be afraid to keep changing it until it looks right, also be sure not to have a table that is quite clearly the overflow, we’ve all been on that table at one time or another and they will know.

Wedding Dress


Yay! This is probably the bit you’ve been looking forward to the most, and quite rightly so; finally you get to wear what we secretly feel we should be allowed to wear all the time, a princess dress. Again remember this is about you, if your mother in law wants you to be in a taffeta meringue then gently let her know that if she wants to start wearing taffeta meringues then no one will judge her, she’s earned the right, but on this day you will wear you’re ultimate dress. And your ultimate dress is what you shall have if you put the leg work into finding it, deep down you will know what suits you so find something that works for you rather than shoe-horning yourself into whatever the bridal boutique owner is trying to get rid of.

How to Make Wedding Favors and Invitations

Enjoy It

Don’t turn into Bridezilla. Just don’t, it’s fine, everything will be fine and you’re marrying the man you love so if you have an organised system follow it and enjoy planning your perfect wedding. For more amazing tips on getting the wedding of your dreams visit today.