Mobile Marketing for Photographers: Top 5 Smart Campaign Strategies

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Mobile marketing is an efficient marketing strategy that photographers can make use to generate word of mouth and accomplish their goals and objectives. It’s a fact that men and women are spending much longer surfing the net by means of their mobile devices nowadays compared in the past. Photographers need to know how to say a lot with only a little with their mobile photography website so potential clients can connect fast even while on the go.

Consider people traveling around with their mobile devices like iPhone, iPad or other tablets. Mobile consumers are very likely to send helpful and valuable messages within their groups. It is also a simple and creative option to share your photos, portfolio gallery, as well as your client’s portrait session or captured images of the wedding event. To keep up with the business, mobile marketing for photographers will separate you and your competition. Photographers can get hold of a huge number of viewers in an instant with amplified consumer reaction and sales conversion rates.

The good thing in regards to mobile marketing is that it entails so minimal investment, compared to conventional media like print or electronic. Placing an advertisement in the newspaper requires a large amounts of money, and space is clearly expensive on billboards and road banners. Mobile marketing indeed helps to lessen the potential risks of any photography business investment on a marketing campaign to a considerable level. If you want to explore more about creating an award-winning mobile campaign, MobiThinking has an excellent article here. How about turning your website into a responsive web design like the way we did here? Check out Carsonified for his beginner’s guide. Meanwhile, here are a few smart creative ideas to keep.


Top 5: Smart Mobile Marketing Campaign Strategies

1. Design website for mobile users on the go.

Mobile phones have become a lot more sophisticated and simpler to use daily. It’s the right time now to expand and grow your photography business as wireless internet connection becomes a whole lot faster and even smart phones turned out to be considerably cheaper. Reach your potential clients with a website or mobile app optimized effectively for mobile users. Make it possible for your photography website visitors experience the originality of your brand.

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2. Get into SMS marketing to notify clients.

Text Messaging makes it possible for photographers, event planners, and other businesses to send out “just-in-time” messages the moment it is most essential for clients to have it. Let your existing clientele and potential customers find out about any of your exclusive promotions by sending your Text Message alerts or notifications. You can also connect with them through SMS trivia and polls as well as monitor your client’s testimonials and referrals.

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3. Increase redemption rate with mobile coupons

Mobile coupons can be designed and personalized to the needs of your targeted client. It is much cheaper compared with traditional print coupons. It’s great for mobile users as well because coupons don’t have to be clipped and brought up just to be redeemed.

Mobile coupons are fast and cost-effective way to communicate to clients with your brand code. Coupons must present a well-defined offer along with expiration date. Basic offers with short expiry periods will encourage a quicker reply, but extended expiry durations bring a more suitable rate of redemption. When you want to start your mobile coupon campaign, you can offer price discounts, buy one get one promotions, and cross selling offers.

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4. Use email marketing to connect with clients.

If you’re a wedding photographer, it’s wise to focus your emails to wedding planners, upcoming brides and others who might need your photography service. Email marketing for professional photographers and enthusiasts can be an excellent strategy to promote your photography business and allow others discover your creative passion regardless of your niche market. Email is an affordable type of communication that is ideal for photographers or wedding planners who are just venturing out, and seasoned photographers who want to grow their list of satisfied clients.

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5. Give out mobile apps for free.

Photographers can make us of mobile apps for sharing portfolio images and photo albums, delivery of proofs, selling prints, featuring tutorials for photo enthusiasts, promoting services, and reach new markets. If you want to create and design your own mobile app, make it extraordinary with a catchy name to stand out in the App Store. Submit it to popular app review sites. Promote it on your business invoices, packaging, flyer insertions, and all that jazz. Or simply give away a part of it as free.

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Learning how mobile devices deliver the results is crucial in mobile marketing. In cases where you have a message to send to your clients delivered without delay, mobile marketing for photographers makes it possible. May you find this article helpful to your photography business marketing plans.