A Father’s Love: 40 Remarkable Family Portrait Photography on Fatherhood

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and there’s still preparation time. It’s a chance to celebrate as family and honor a father’s love. Let your dad feel how much you care and appreciate the things he has done as well as his endless support for your well-being.

Choosing gifts for Father’s Day happen to be much simpler along with development of technology. Small treats can convey equally as much gratitude as large gifts, particularly if it is personalized to your father’s likes and styles. If you would like to make Father’s Day out of the ordinary this holiday season, it is possible not having to spend too much. The gift idea need not be expensive. You can design and create your own card with your personalized message or a poem from scratch. Here are a more ways to finding the perfect gift for your father this year.


You may consider getting a photographic wall art portrait gift package. These are few of the ways to present your cherished dad precious stories about you along with the rest of the family. People generally don’t forget photographs over detailed facts. There are families who build a habit of having a family group portraiture captured during special occasions or perhaps in some other important event celebration. It’s almost normal to see a major rise in the volume of family portraits display on homes. Below are captured images of a father’s love sealed on a portrait with variety of ways to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. Pamper with love.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-02-70Photo via Macmirabile

2. Picnic at the park.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-03-96Photo via Marlon Correa

3. Call of family duty.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-04-03Photo via Pinterest

4. Read together.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-05-74Photo via Studio d’Xavier

5. Enjoy the view.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-06-94Photo via Ben.minor

6. Hold on and reach out.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-07-89Photo via Purple_angelic

7. Get dirty and swim in the mud.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-08-95Photo via Christopher Wallace

8. Play with toys.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-09-76Photo via Fe em Brasil

9. Play on the ground.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-10-102Photo via Nathan Tia

10. Eat together.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-11-100Photo via BekiPe

11. Surf the waves.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-12-77Photo via JohnBryant64

12. Share some wisdom.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-13-69Photo via Elyes

13. Discuss some misunderstandings.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-14-80Photo via Andreas Springer

14. Take a journey hand in hand.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-15-83Photo via Portable_soul

15. Share your differences.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-16-75Photo via Andrey Zhukov

16. Mark a tender loving kiss.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-17-73Photo via Jwlphotography

17. Take a bath together.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-18-04Photo via Tumblr

18. Help each other out.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-19-103Photo via Gil Aegerter

19. Stroll on the seaside.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-20-88Photo via Maciej Gowin

20. Protect each other.

a-father-love-40-remarkable-family-portrait-photography-on-fatherhood-21-91Photo via Dcketcham


Here is a roundup of 20 of Hollywood’s leading men and the joy of fatherhood as captured by photography. Be inspired how a father’s love was captured creatively to bring the story behind the picture.


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck


Orlando Bloon and Brad Pitt


Gene Simmons


Eric Johnson and David Beckham


Seal and Hugh Jackman


John F. Kennedy


Tom Cruise and Gavin Rossdale


Jon Stewart and Usher


Prince Charles


Gabriel Aubry and Matthew McConaughey

11-Gabriel Aubry-Matthew-McConaughey-08

Liev Schreiber and Neil Patrick Harris


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