Photography Tips: Top 5 Reasons To Use Professional Printers

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Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, it’s these kind of special moments that are worth remembering in life. A photograph to capture the event is the first step and sending your memories to print is the second. The latter is something that many people don’t pay enough attention to, perhaps because they don’t realise the difference a great printing lab can make.

So why make the decision to opt for professional photo printing when you have the convenience of a supermarket printing service or even your own personal printer? The answer is variety and quality. If you take your photos to a lab, the doors are opened into a world of different papers. Varying in size, coating and colour, you would be surprised at just how much choice there is. Large prints are particularly worth the attention of professional printers, not only are many of the larger sizes not available at supermarkets, at professional printers you can tailor the size to your exact needs. The variety at a professional printers is not just limited to the paper, the same can be said for the wealth of inks that are available. With regards to quality, you can’t put a price on having an expert eye look over your prints. If you intend to hang a print on a wall, the knowledge and expertise of a professional printer is imperative. Why settle for anything short of perfection when it comes to framing the highlights of your life?

Five Reasons To Use A Professional Printers

1. Go Large

Not long ago it was almost unthinkable that the amateur photographer would be able to have their pictures converted into a wall sized print. Now thanks to advances in printing technology this has become a reality. Currently prints as large as ten feet wide are available- and that is only going to increase. Imagine how impressive a door sized print of your favorite image would look hanging in your living? Providing of course you have a large enough living room!

01-printing-large-c-typesPrinting large C-Types.

2. The Art of Print

Printing, just like photography is an art. Long before after-effects were being added in Photoshop, professional printers were utilising their skills to create dramatic effects. Professional printers have a dizzying array of different printers, printing techniques and papers at their disposal, all have their own qualities and by working with them you can create a truly unique piece of physical art.


3. Black and White Printing

Professional printing has come a long way in presenting the vibrancy of colour but it should not be forgotten that black and white printing has also advanced dramatically. The depth of tone and subtlety of shading afforded my modern printing allows for the creation of startling black and white images- and provide the imaginative photographer with a whole world of possibilities.

03-large-format-printingA photograph of Bob Dylan by Jerry Schatzberg in the living area.

4. Experience of a Lifetime

Many professional printers allow you to experience the printing process first hand by joining them in the lab to watch your images come to life. This is the best way to understand what is involved in professional printing- and exactly what seeming magic is possible. For any serious photography buff a day in the lab will be an unforgettable one.

04-printing-lab-photo-editingA skilled operator will optimize your files for a perfect print.

5. The Essence of Photography

More photographs are taken now than ever- on phones, digital cameras even Gameboys. But most of the results live in a virtual world, on memory sticks or Facebook accounts. The printed, physical photograph is an essential part of photography and to lose that essence would be a huge shame. All photographers, serious or casual, will feel a buzz when viewing their work in the real world that simply cannot be replicated through pixels on a screen.


Find out which printer is best for you. A trip to a professional photo printing lab is worth a visit. Metroprint is a UK based photo printers. They are a market leader in innovative printing techniques and specialize in Giclee printing, C-Type prints and large scale printing.