Queen Elizabeth II: 60 Portraits Behind the Hats

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Hats are compelling parts of clothing in a monarch. Moreover, it has turn into a bit of a brand for Her Majesty the Queen and let her shine into the crowd. The color selection, line and design form of every couture hats all enhance, not just the clothes but also Her Majesty the Queen. She was placed in Vogue magazine, along with supermodels Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Kate Moss, as among the 50 most glamorous women worldwide five years ago.

Queen Elizabeth II has worn around 5,000 uniquely designed hats in the last 50 years. She is renowned for her collection of headwear and has in some way was able to create a truly spectacular style along with her traditional ensembles. As stated by milliner Philip Somerville, she wears her favorite hats 20 or 30 times and a few she chose not to wear more than once.

The Queen’s Milliner

Rachel Trevor-Morgan has designed over 60 hats for Her Majesty since 2006. She has been creating millinery that is art in itself. In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Rachel Trevor-Morgan exposes the secret to creating the best hat for Her Majesty. You can read more of the interview via Telegraph

60 Majestic Crown Substitutes for the Queen.

The PORTRAIT BEHIND THE HATS: Born on 21 April 1926 at 2.40am in Mayfair, London as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Her Majesty the Queen was the first child of Prince Albert, The Duke of York, and his wife, formerly Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. In 2002, the Queen celebrated 50 years on the throne on her Golden Jubilee and in 2006, she commemorated her 80th birthday. This year 2012, is her Diamond Jubilee.


Millinery in Action: Hat Design Creative Process

Video produced for the Victoria & Albert Museum, Stephen Jones‘ hat design and style creation goes to life while he designed his ideas to reality on his half Aladdins cave and half artists studio.

Hats have changed really – because they used to be very much about etiquette. Now, they’re much more about exuberance and extravagance.
Stephen Jones

Hat Etiquette To Know

Marilyn Hellman shares a few tips on hat etiquette and describes the best time to wear hats, various ways to wear hats together with exactly what hat to put on at many types of social occasions or events. You may also read more about Hat Etiquette For Men And Women via Huffingtonpost.

Wearing hats tend to be also ideal for weddings, garden party events, prom nights, and photo shoots designed to transform your wardrobe straight into something incredibly unique making you feel stunning throughout the day. Actually, just about anywhere a hat or headpiece is necessary to bring that crowning glory and make that special event more exceptional. May you be inspired with the Queen’s stylish hat design to boost your creativity with planning a wedding or party event celebration. Remember to keep those memories alive with your camera at your side.

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