Golden Gate Bridge Spectacular Views: 20 Ways To Expand Photography

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Nearly all major American city can present one or more major masterpiece of architecture. In San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge was known as the single most sleek steel bridge in the world that was designed by Charles Alton Ellis. To commemorate the legendary bridge span’s 75th birthday, countless numbers of people join together and flocked to San Francisco’s waterfront as well as onto the Golden Gate Bridge last 27th of May, Sunday.

Bridges create an interesting scene for urban photography. When the sun comes up, the complexity of the architectural structure and patterns brings out the beauty of the bridge. The light, as well as the shadow proceed to throw their magic onto the framework of the bridge and onto the calm waters that flow underneath. The enchanting sight will certainly take your breath away. To expand your urban photography skills, here are 20 ways to improve your photography with photos of the Golden Gate Bridge in various creative angle.

1. Be creative as you vary the position of the subject using the “rule of thirds”

01-38Photo via Rob Kroenert


2. Having an compelling focal point in your images will grab the attention of the viewer’s interest.

02-37Photo via George Steinmetz for National Geographic


3. Make use of natural light instead of the camera’s built-in flash if possible.

03-46Photo via Kristin Repsher


4. Set natural “frames” around the side of the image to generate a sense of depth.

04-33Photo via Jonny Luis


5. Bring more inside the frame and open up perspective using a wide-angle lens.

05-51Photo via Troy.P


6. Put some elements going diagonally across the frame to make it more dynamic.

06-50Photo via Exxonvaldez


7. Do refrain from the clichés and go for a fresh new angle when capturing images of famous structures.

07-30AP Photo/Paul Sakuma


8. Put together harmonious colors as you mix bright colors for maximum impact in your composition.

08-44Photo via Blogspot


9. Try to stay away from taking pictures in the middle of the day when the light is hard and contrasty.

09-04Photo via Roger Ressmeyer/Corbis


10. Look for basic shapes like circles or triangles that will add a sense of structure and design to your images.

10-49Photo via Cawins


11. Place something interesting in the foreground and keep everything in focus using a small aperture.

11-17Photo via KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/GettyImages


12. Discover scenes where the light is low and also entering from the side to produce an interesting shadow.

12-23Photo via Ezra Shaw/Getty Images


13. Remember that the more contrast the lighting is the more accurate your exposure needs to be.

13-40Photo via Flopper


14. Shoot in the early morning or late evening where the low angle of the sun selects out shadows and brings out textures.

14-35Photo via Zeitzeph


15. Capture images at their maximum image quality setting if possible since you can throw pixels away afterwards if needed.

15-12Photo via Martinlrosen


16. Should your photos aren’t good enough, you’re most likely not close enough. So, consider getting closer for improved impact.

16-45Photo via Rob Kroenert


17. Take a travel using a map to discover the most fascinating locations that you hardly ever seen at the side of the road.

17-52Photo via Mathur7


18. When you want to control depth of field choose the aperture first. When you want to control movement, go to shutter speed first.

18-41Photo via Shhflights


19. Check around the image for just about any distracting elements before pressing the shutter button. When you find any, try to remove it or change your angle instead to a different position.

19-20Photo via Jane Tyska/Staff


20. If there’s a big difference of contrast in exposure like a dark scene with bright sky, just take two photos with different exposure settings and merge them later on.

20-39Photo via Kris Kros



Let’s take a look at the history of the Golden Gate Bridge as its history was revised.

As Golden Gate Bridge Turns 75, Its History Is Revised

Infographic History of the Famous Mega Structure


75th Anniversay Celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge

When taking holiday pictures browse around or search online first. Look at some postcard racks and read some guidebooks to discover the most photogenic sites and be inspired with your photography.

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10. Lead image via Blogspot

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