Jumpstart Your Career: 20 Helpful Infographics on Job Search

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When you do your job search in today’s economic situation, you need to consider thinking outside the box. These days, it requires greater than organizing a resume or registering for a job board. It’s essential to gain lots of the exposure you can with the smallest amount of cash at least. Having a online presence is amongst the most affordable and worthwhile ways to boost your job search.

Philippine Labor Day Celebration

2012 MAY 1

This year 2012 Philippine Labor Day celebration theme is “Pagtutulungan. Pagbabago. Disenteng Trabaho.” SM Supermalls all over the Philippines continue to be the official host of the biggest annual job fair in the country. Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will be accepting walk-in job hunters on May 1. The DOLE said there are presently at least 360,777 job vacancies offered by 1,706 employers across the country’s 16 regions. Of these, 74,352 vacancies are offered by 1,085 local employers, while the rest are overseas vacancies.

Considering the number of job searchers submitting online or offline job applications, you should come up with something that stands out and get hold of the employer’s attention. By means of social media, you can get connected to countless other industry experts and professionals in a number of ways.

20 Helpful Infographics to Jumpstart Your Career

Here are helpful well-designed infographics to jumpstart your career with the kind of profession you want to reach. Just click VIEW SOURCE to see the large version of the infographic.

1. What Factors Go Into Choosing A Career?

01-13-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


2. Five Resume Mistakes You Are Making and How To Avoid Them

02-18-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


3. Crafting the Perfect Modern Resume

03-14-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


4. What to Wear and What Not to Wear to An Interview

04-17-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


5. Ten Degrees Hiring Managers Don’t Want to See

05-7-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


6. The Social Job Search

06-1-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


7. How LinkedIn Works

07-3-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


8. Anatomy of a Job Interview

08-4-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


9. What You Wish You’d Know Before Your Job Interview

09-20-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


10. Mastering the Art of Career Fair

10-19-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


11. Jim Gets A Job in 10 Easy Steps

11-12-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


12. Work Smarter – Not Harder

12-8-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


13. Workholism May Be Killing You

13-15-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


14. Should You Ask For A Raise?

14-11-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


15. Work From Home Fridays

15-9-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


16. Why Top Talent Leave Their Jobs

16-21-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


17. How To Lead A Creative Life

17-10-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


18. Office Bliss

18-5-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


19. Are You Monogamous?

19-2-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE


20. Ten Ways to Make Money Without A Job

20-22-jumpstart-your-career-20-helpful-infographics-on-job-searchVIEW SOURCE

Even though stressful and demanding, the option to find a fresh career direction is usually one of the most satisfying and rewarding choices you may create in your lifetime as a photographer and designer. Be wiser and aim to deliver results to achieve your plans in these challenging economic situations. Keep in mind that there’s no need to do every little thing you may learn here to bring about an impression on your career.

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