Wedding Dress Train Styles and the World’s Longest Bridal Gown Train

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Selecting a wedding dress is among the most essential thing for the bride’s wedding ceremony and party celebration apart from choosing a Wedding Photographer, makeup artist, videographer, wedding invitations, preferred church and wedding venue, and all that jazz. To give you that fabulous look, various wedding gowns in a wide variety of designs can be found in the market for you to choose from.

There are unique variations of wedding dresses in every country around the world wherein the wedding dress is going to vary together with the custom, religious beliefs, lifestyle and location. It is typically associated with white material, brocade, satin, chiffon, velvet or totally of lace. It can be designed with crystals or pearls.


The extended part of fabric found at the back of the bridal gown is exactly what you simply call the wedding gown train length. Here are different style length of various wedding gown train.


Brush Wedding Train

Simply being the shortest bridal gown train length type that’s suitable for semi-formal marriage ceremonies, brush wedding gown train drops around 6″ on the ground and rarely “brushes” the floor behind your dress. This can be put on at just about a variety of wedding ceremonies.

Court Wedding Train

One foot longer than the sweep bridal gown train, the court wedding dress train stretches roughly 3 feet at the back of the waistline and it may be worn at most ceremonies.

Chapel Wedding Train

The chapel train expands around 5 feet from the waistline and falling down up to 22″ on the ground. It creates a statement minus the splendor of the extra longer bridal gown trains.

Cathedral Wedding Train

The cathedral train is more than 7 feet in length at the back of the bride and will call for support at the wedding ceremony and reception. This wedding train is best for classic, formal weddings that may be held indoors.

Royal Wedding Train

To the bride who wishes to make an impressive statement to the grandest of party event occasions, the royal length train stretches more than 10 feet that tend to fill up the whole width of the wedding church aisle as the bride walk into the altar.

Watteau Wedding Train

The out of the ordinary watteau wedding dress train hooks up at the bride’s shoulder area making a stunning appearance.

World’s Longest Wedding Gown Train Breaks Record!

Last tuesday over at Bucharest, a hot air balloon floated along with the model dressed up in just what considered as the world’s longest wedding dress train at present. Romanian design house Andree Salon revealed a couture bridal dress having a 1.85-mile-long train.

Recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records, the bridal gown which is made of silk and lace breaks the previous world records placed by a Dutch designer. It took 100 days to design and was created by a group of 10 seamstresses wherein the lace was imported from France, while the rest of the fabric used were bought from Italy having a total cost of $7,364.48 or €5,580.







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