Food Photography Design: Playing with Food Pairings

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Food is definitely the focal point of each and every holiday party celebration and weddings. You can find some guests are often exploring how to best photograph their food just for photo albums or to be uploaded on Facebook to share with friends.

Food photography is a very fascinating subcategory associated with still life and product photography. Art directors produce the concept connected with the shoot. After that, they choose a photographer to begin the creative process. Food and prop stylists create the most effective look which will get hold of the viewer’s interest.

Certain foods are incredibly appealing aesthetically and some are not. Capturing images of food that looks great in photograph the way it tasted can sometimes be challenging. You need to plan your shoot. Figure out the food styling you want. Get closer to your subject. Focus on the texture. Pick your props and backdrops. Make use of proper lighting.

For our photo inspiration, here are a series of eight (8) images by Nashville-based food photographer Kyle Dreier for his Pairings project shot using an Arca-Swiss medium-format body with Phase One back under Profoto studio lighting. Kyle Dreier’s focus is more about commercial photography with specialties in food photography and architectural photography. You can check out more of his portfolio at

Food Pairing No.1 – Milk And Brownie


Food Pairing No.2 – Pellegrino And Spaghetti And Meatballs


The idea just popped into my mind one day, and when I sketched it out I realized it would just be a question of engineering. And doing it in-camera, rather than in Photoshop, seemed a good way to learn more about food styling.


Food Pairing No.3 – Sake And Sushi


Food Pairing No.4 – Rootbeer And Ice Cream


Food Pairing No.5 – White Wine And Fish


I often find myself making creative decisions based on what I see in the market,or based on what I think a client wants. This taught me that it makes a more lasting impression to produce what I’d like to see.


Food Pairing No.6 – Beer And Pretzel


Food Pairing No.7 – Red Wine And Filet Mignon


Food Pairing No.8 – Beer And Hotdog


Today’s digital technology has transformed most of us into shutterbugs. It’s now easy to snap pictures, upload and share them right away. Let’s try to come up with extraordinary images and be inspired to create a series of photographs with an extraordinary concept.

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