wedding-planning-ideasSome women really will have been planning their weddings since they were little girls; others will have spent that time telling everyone that listen that they’ll never do anything as passé as get married and some really won’t have spared it much thought.

00-wedding-dress-train-styles-worlds-longest-bridal-gown-trainSelecting a wedding dress is among the most essential thing for the bride’s wedding ceremony and party celebration apart from choosing a Wedding Photographer, makeup artist, videographer, florist, preferred church and wedding venue, and all that jazz.

00-wedding-inspired-gown-ideas-from-2012-oscar-awardsCelebrities create an abundance of fashion inspiration every season along with the most recent trend of women on white at the 2012 Oscar Awards. The celebrity stars are out and they’re showing off unlimited ideas for wedding dress inspiration. Brides these days will almost certainly pick up great ideas

00-top-10-wedding-budget-tips-clever-ideas-to-save-you-moneyJust how much are you ready to spend for the wedding event? Do you feel overpowered by the cost of your impending nuptials? Simply breathe! Weddings are typically elaborately designed events.

00-beyond-kimono-38-modern-kawaii-japanese-wedding-dress-inspirationTraditional Japanese wedding customs or “shinzen shiki” comprises an elaborate ceremony in the Shinto shrine. The Japanese bride may be painted pure white from head to feet as a declaration of her maiden condition to the gods. The bride’s attire consists of a luxurious kimono

5-things-to-do-when-choosing-a-wedding-dress-0Are you searching for a bridal gown that will shine from the rest? Before you get ready to try on gowns, confirm first the date of your wedding, where will be your reception, and how much is your budget. To help make looking for your wedding dress pleasurable

00-royalty-wedding-dress-design-sketch-ideas-for-the-brideThinking of balancing the coolness of a contemporary modern bride with the fantasy of becoming the next princess or queen, here are amazing wedding dress design sketches that might inspire you. These were created by leading famous designers as well as the designers