portrait-photography-drag-queens-makeup-looks-00Portrait photography is regarded as being a form of art as it exposes the true essence of a person highlighting the face and its unique expression. With a portrait of a drag queen, a face can be easily transformed thru the power of makeup

trash-the-dress-wedding-photography-posing-guide-00-10Trash the dress wedding photography is not just about ruining your wedding gown. It can be a different way of how brides and grooms express themselves which can be as moderate or outrageous as they want it to be. It is created to present the wedding

00-benetton-unhate-guerilla-campaignThe Italian clothing brand Benetton just recently came up with the most controversial and provocative ad campaign that is achieving massive media coverage and mixed opinions around the world.

boxing-portraits-manny-pacquiao-and-the-fighters-inside-the-ring-00-21Howard Schatz is regarded as the most respected photographer in the world, and his photography inside world of professional boxing is extremely remarkable.

00-dog-portrait-photography-in-40-stylish-party-costume-designsHolidays as well as special events and gatherings are an important part connected with so many of our memories. Weddings, birthday parties, school excursions, holiday seasons and many other events

photography-techniques-40-baby-portrait-design-using-props-00Portraits of newborns and infants are some of the most fulfilling and delightful images in photography which you can display as a wall art portrait as well. Photographers will come across a great deal of challenges when taking photos and posing babies from birth all the way through five months.

5-elements-of-black-and-white-print-with-unique-portraits-of-paris-0Black and white photography has endured the test of time. Inspite of the progress from mono to color film, it continues to be desirable to photographers worldwide. Black and white photography is able to create evocative and strong images.

00-photography-guide-27-creative-self-portrait-ideas-to-show-offSelf-portrait is actually an exploration, a chance to start to see beyond the image inside the mirror and start to search into the soul. Self-portraits has become an approach to self-exploration ever since people started to gazed at their own unique reflection