photography tips

top-5-bizarre-DIY-cameras-made-by-remarkable-photographers-00Photography offers a lot of opportunity for you to succeed on your own terms. Photography is more of a lifestyle rather than a job. It can also be a creative avenue to a lot of people. You can be a stock photographer and a wedding photographer.

filipino-wedding-photographer-ifoto-xpressions-studio-1Weddings can be very stressful for the bride and groom planning their event ahead of time. But can also be daunting for amateur wedding photographers who are just starting out and have not taken pictures of real weddings yet.

00-guide-to-professional-studio-lighting-essentials-and-techniquesCapturing moments with wedding photography, creating portraits and fashion images can be a endless source of fulfillment and interest. By this time, you have learned how to use your digital SLR

portrait-photography-techniques-dramatic-high-contrast-lighting-00-29As a wedding photographer, we generally shoot and compose portraits of the bride and groom together with the rest of the wedding party on-location most of the time. Just like a portrait photographer, we like to diffuse and soften the lighting just to cover up any skin imperfections in the portrait. To begin with, we assess the features of the face and determine which one to emphasize

00-still-life-photography-with-things-you-cannot-live-withoutA common discipline with photographers and painters, still life is the arrangement and assembly of inanimate objects that is completely in contrast with landscape photography in terms of composition. It is up to you which background to choose, the quality of light to use, and how to balance the composition with your arrangement

01-filipino-wedding-photography-what-brides-need-to-knowShooting professional wedding photography in the Philippines is hard work and needs to be done properly. Your photographer should have the technical knowledge and skills, with professional grade equipment, and a broad experience when capturing wedding

group-photography-tips-56-portraits-of-china-cultural-landscape-00How do you pose a large number of people? What makes a great family group portrait? An exceptional family group portrait captures the love between members of the family and the closeness that is more intense than association or friendship.

00-delicious-food-photography-tips-for-your-special-eventDuring special occasion or party celebration, all variety of creatively prepared food and drinks are presented and surround us. There are a huge number of different colours and textures. So what better time to try food photography?