00-top-20-awesome-gift-ideas-for-photographers-in-your-listStriving to think of photography ideas as a gifts for photographers? It’s tough, but we have come up with a variety of gift suggestions to assist you in getting your creative juices flowing! You can buy something that is useful with their photo-taking hobby or profession.

00-tips-on-how-to-build-website-for-photographers-who-blogBuilding your website can be complicated sometimes, but knowing first your objectives and what you want to achieve with your website can get you started. Here are 7 tips to building your website wherein I included an in depth infographic summary for further improvements.

0-how-to-make-movies-helpful-infographic-flowchart-guidesShooting video with DSLR cameras cost a fraction of the price of using professional video cameras. A lot of photographers nowadays are learning to shoot on a totally different way because of the introduction of video capabilities in DSLRs. It’s like learning to shoot in sequence with transitions