Frequently Asked Questions

01. Who will be my photographer covering my wedding?
With other studios, some clients were made to believe that the main photographer will be present but only to appear during the cake cutting. Some studios have several photographers and you may be speaking to a salesperson during bridal fairs and exhibitions. But here in iFoto Xpressions Studio, only our A+M PHOTOGRAPHERS will cover your event from start to finish.

02. What makes you different from other photographers?
We cover only one wedding per day and we dedicate the entire day for our bride and groom, for our Client. I guess the amount we charge is the gauge on how much we value our work. Also, we can say that our team is one group that ensures that we cover every aspect of your wedding.

03. Can we give you magazine clippings of certain poses we want?
Yes. Every wedding photographer has a different working and shooting style. Some are happy to see examples of photos you like, and will use these as inspiration if they seem to compliment the photographer’s own style. If you have hired a wedding photographer who is more interested in recording the spontaneity of the day, it may be difficult for him or her to try to copy a specific image from another event with a different couple, different light, and different circumstances. Since your wedding photographs will be unique to your day, you will likely find it more enjoyable to simply allow events to unfold, and trust your wedding photographer to give you the images that attracted you to his or her work from the start.

04. Do you have limitation in the number of hours when covering the wedding?
None, but we hope that your wedding wouldn’t reach 24 hours. We come to your dressing place 2 hours before you go to church and we leave 1 hour after the reception.

05. Do you have an assistant in your coverage?
Event coverage has to be accomplished in a very short space of time and often involves moving lots of equipment, organizing many groups of people, card changes, lens and filter changes. This is normally too much for one person yet there are professional photographers who photograph solo. Having an assistant helps us concentrate on the images, not on the unnecessary details.

06. Do we need to provide you a program of the event?
A lot of photography has to be accomplished in a short time and often critical moments are over in a matter of seconds and the unprepared photographer might miss the moment altogether. A well-detailed script will give us a timetable that prepares us for the proceedings.

07. How long do you finish an album?
The usual delivery time takes anywhere from 2 to 3 months. We give the proofs (in a DVD) a week after the event. We design the album with artist choice images allowing the story of your wedding or event to unfold inside the album. It then takes around 5 weeks to finish the layout design, after which we send the design layout of the album for client’s approval before printing. The process of printing, laminations, and album binding will take around 4 weeks to finish.

08. What kind of album design layouts do you offer?
Our team do continuous extensive research on graphic design and digital arts while managing the studio on the side. They do photo retouching and editing — the iFoto Xpressions’ Way — presenting you an album and design work that is truly unique. We do offer two (2) kinds of layout to suit your taste: A minimalist or Classic Layout and a Contemporary Layout which is more graphics driven. All the chosen images in the album were retouched and given that signature iFoto Xpressions’ editing style.

09. Why do you charge on prenups or E-Session when I can get it for free from other photographers?
The question is … what is included in that FREE prenup or E-Session? Most likely it is done not by your official photographer but an assistant. Only done for a few hours, few poses and they just give you the raw shots. In our case, the E-Session package includes a 20 page ArtBook that can be a guestbook, a MovingPictures (AVP) of your E-Session photos, a total 3-4 hours photography by us. It is really a professional shoot and not just a freebie to hook you up to get a wedding packages. We will not cover a wedding when we have a scheduled E-Session Pictorial.

10. We love your work and would like to have your photography service. How do we proceed?
It would be great if we can meet and get to know each other and talk more about your event. A 10,000 in Philippine Peso is required to book your event.


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