September 2011

photography-techniques-40-baby-portrait-design-using-props-00Portraits of newborns and infants are some of the most fulfilling and delightful images in photography which you can display as a wall art portrait as well. Photographers will come across a great deal of challenges when taking photos and posing babies from birth all the way through five months.

5-ways-to-show-confidence-and-stay-attractive-with-body-language-00Are you at ease when introducing yourself or do you simply wait for the other individual to make the initial move? Presenting yourself is the way you make yourself recognized by others in your party event celebration.

00-guide-to-bikes-and-40-of-the-most-bizzare-bicycle-design-collectionDo you enjoy discovering nature but do not consider yourself much of a hiker? If you wish to go outside, get active and escape along with your family, why don’t you ride a bike together as a way to celebrate the occasion and get intimate with nature.

00-aerial-photography-15-pieces-of-earthscapes-on-postage-stampEven though alot of people communicate and greet each other thru emails online nowadays, we do still send out invitation the traditional way. If you will be having a wedding or party celebration, it’s best to send out your save the date

table-napkin-folding-design-tips-with-a-twist-20-helpful-guide-videos-00Weddings and party event celebration are great ways to set your party or dining tables apart using different table napkin folding techniques to impress your guest. A well-dressed table is not complete with no folded napkin skillfully embellishing

online-photography-business-10-success-ideas-with-quotes-to-inspire-000A lot of photographers would like to make a profit using their hobby and you’re simply closer to making it happen with these photography business ideas and inspirational quotes from famous entrepreneurs online.

00-Miss-Universe-2011From feathers to swords, tiaras to wings, the Miss Universe 2011 participants served every one of the stops for the national costume part of this year’s event. Every National Costume signifies their great pride, their historical past, and their artistry.

5-things-to-do-when-choosing-a-wedding-dress-0Are you searching for a bridal gown that will shine from the rest? Before you get ready to try on gowns, confirm first the date of your wedding, where will be your reception, and how much is your budget. To help make looking for your wedding dress pleasurable