August 2011

00-festival-of-colors-50-artistic-body-art-paintingsBody painting is exactly about decorating the natural beauty of the human form and shape in an attention grabbing and tough environment with the use of paints, props, and most importantly imagination. Body painting and face painting are excellent

00-photography-tips-top-10-ways-to-greatly-improve-your-artworkGreat images are hardly ever a result of the best gear and technique on their own. Several other crucial elements include things like creative imagination, exposure, research and passion. Learn how to visualize a finished photograph

00-engagement-portrait-photography-30-interesting-location-ideasCouples have their engagement portrait shoot first, several weeks before their wedding start. On this e-session, the couple comes dressed up depending on the concept or theme they want to be captured.

00-wedding-invitation-designs-that-reflect-the-style-of-your-eventYour upcoming wedding event celebration is undoubtedly just the right chance to take pleasure in amazingly one of a kind wedding invitation. Wedding stationery are available in various unique paper types and styles along with all sorts of essential related

00-guide-to-typefaces-with-life-quotes-in-creative-typographyTypography is actually a huge subject. Being aware of what your target audience wants can assist you in selecting a typeface designed to interest them. Prevent the embarrassment of typographic rejection first by figuring out the preferences

00-faces-of-power-50-portraits-that-influence-the-world-by-platonNew Yorker staff photographer Platon provides us an inside look into our world leaders through his new book Power. It’s a collection of eye-catching intimate look at today’s most persuasive and influential

00-best-celebrity-brides-in-the-moviesOn your wedding day, every attention is actually on you. Your guest will be nodding and smilling appreciatively as they see you coming wondering about the wedding dress you’re wearing. You imagine yourself walking down the red carpet

00-creative-magazine-spread-design-layout-ideas-for-your-pageAll design work involves problem solving on both visual and organizational levels. Design is actually a visual language made on shapes, lines, and color combine with typographical words