July 2011

00-photography-techniques-to-reduce-camera-shake-without-a-tripodGreat images are sometimes ruined by something preventable: camera shake. The greatest enemy of image sharpness is vibration. Taking pictures in long-exposure time is a high risk for camera shake that might ruin your image.

00-ideas-on-wedding-colors-and-combos-to-set-the-style-of-your-eventNow that you are getting married, you might be thinking what colors to choose for your wedding theme. Some brides can creatively combine and pair different colors that looks fabulous together.

00-disneyland-vintage-maps-and-the-kodak-camera-tour-in-1950sThe first Disney Resort in Anaheim, California officially opened on July 17, 1955. Now it has grown to 11 Disney theme parks at five locations around the world. Matching the parks and resorts are the Disney Vacation Club

00-top-20-architects-and-their-rural-retreat-model-house-designFor this year 2011 Architects Directory, 20 of the world’s best emerging architects were gathered together by Wallpaper to design the ultimate rural retreat house into a series of excellently executed models.

9-portraits-of-power-nike-women-with-annie-leibovitz-photographyAmazingly famous photographer Annie Leibovitz was hired to shoot the Nike’s Women’s League for the Make Yourself ad campaign. The team consist of seven featured elite female sports athletes who came from a wide-range of sports.

0-guide-on-table-place-setting-and-dining-etiquette-to-impressParty events and holiday celebrations are such fabulous time to spend with people we care about, to share the fun and capture memories with photography. It can also be a time to offend people if things

0-how-to-make-movies-helpful-infographic-flowchart-guidesShooting video with DSLR cameras cost a fraction of the price of using professional video cameras. A lot of photographers nowadays are learning to shoot on a totally different way because of the introduction of video capabilities in DSLRs. It’s like learning to shoot in sequence with transitions

0-wedding-photography-service-what-camera-lens-to-useThere are a plethora of camera lenses out there for the budding wedding photographer, as you’ll no doubt discover. What you choose depends on your style of shooting. If possible, use professional grade lenses that have a maximum aperture of F2.8 or greater.