May 2011

00-a-fathers-day-tribute-father-daughter-wedding-dance-song-inspirationOne of the most unforgettable touching moments in your wedding that was captured in photography was the father and bride dance. As a tribute to all the fathers out there, I have compiled a list of songs that are popular in most wedding reception venues as daddy

digital-slr-camera-5-features-you-may-ignoreWe have read a lot about digital SLR cameras and their in-camera features that are so advance and huge in variety. Some have weather resistance, video capabilities, and sturdy built quality. But when it comes to the menus found on your Digital SLR camera, there are a bunch of them.

10-ways-of-pitching-photography-service-to-clientsTo sustain your passion for photography as a freelancer, you need to be able to market your body of work portfolio. Learning how to make that perfect pitch is an essential skill that you need to develop to succeed in this business.

marital-rating-checklist-in-the-1930sHere’s an interesting chart for the upcoming bride and groom that could turn you back in time. These data charts were based from the Scientific Marriage Foundation’s surveys of real men and women of the 1930s which was founded

HOW-TO: Portfolio Presentation For PhotographersAs a photographer, finding joy with doing what we love and earning from it at the same time, gives us fulfillment and happiness. Anything this much fun is bound to generate interest to others who want to be photographers as well. Competition starts to flow high. Our portfolio is the key to landing the best job, assignment

00-illustrative-portraits-of-political-geography-in-europeThe human figure depiction of the maps of European countries started in 1869 with an aim of creating such a vital study of geography that provoke laughter and not boring for young people. It was made into an atlas by the company Hodder and Stoughton, London published

00-modern-bridal-makeup-ideas-from-celebritiesBrides nowadays have a lot of options in choosing what makeup style to apply or who celebrity to follow. They want a more out of the ordinary look than what they will get from ordinary makeup artist around. Here’s a roundup of celebrity makeup

00-basic-camera-metering-with-tasty-dessert-food-photographyIf you want to improve your image exposure, start learning to understand metering modes to minimize getting under exposed or over exposed images. Even though the default evaluative metering or multi-zone pattern gives reliable exposures in most general shooting conditions