March 2011

0-wedding-cake-tips-and-designs-for-the-bride-and-groomWedding cakes are a piece of art, the centerpiece of your reception. It should stand out and match the theme of your wedding. Wedding cakes play a significant part for the bride and groom on their big day where they perform their first task with the ceremonial cutting of the cake.

00-delicious-food-photography-tips-for-your-special-eventDuring special occasion or party celebration, all variety of creatively prepared food and drinks are presented and surround us. There are a huge number of different colours and textures. So what better time to try food photography?

00-useful-iPad-apps-for-brides-and-wedding-photographersGetting involved in a wedding entails a lot of hard work, organizing, and planning just to minimize or avoid problems throwing your dream wedding event of a lifetime. For brides, you need to choose the flowers

00-top-10-essential-skills-to-become-a-better-artist-matt-faulknerA rock-hard grounding in the essentials art skills is what you need to become a great artist. It’s futile to be a comic artist for example, if you have little or no knowledge of anatomy. The same way for being a concept artist with no knowledge on color, lighting, and tonal values.