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About The Blog

Founded in November 2010, Wedding Photography Design Blog is curated by Aurora Gatbonton a.k.a Aw Gatsby for iFoto Xpressions Studio. It is an online resource of ideas and advice on weddings and events, tips and techniques on photography, trends and showcase on art and design, and a doze of inspiration for personal development and creativity for everyone.

Aurora Gatbonton, Michelle Lutero, and the rest of the WPD Blog Team freely share their expertise in the disciplines of photography, tips and ideas for your wedding and party event celebration, post production with Photoshop, studio lighting, album graphic and book design, photographic technique, posing and more. This blog was initially established as a means to keep up with their interests in the web and article writing.

About iFoto Xpressions Studio

iFoto Xpressions Studio was established by Aurora Gatbonton and Michelle D. Lutero representing the A+M Photographers team since 2009. The two teamed up to create a Philippine based photography and digital art design studio that encompassed their unique style of conceptual portraiture and event photojournalism through photography, their high standards of quality and creativity in design, and their philosophy on client service. Their company slogan “Your Life – Your Story – Your Images” continues to deliver the message of the company up to now. They are offering services for wedding and event photography, on-location portraiture, party photo booths, and wall art portraits in the Philippines and worldwide. For bookings and inquiries, go to their CONTACT PAGE.

About the Founders

The Founders

Creative Director
Web Content Writer
Self-Proclaimed Geek

I am Aurora Gatbonton. I make a living by making people cherish those moments of their lives through my photography, transforming their portraits into works of art, and sharing what I learned through article writing.

I shoot mostly weddings and portraits. I refuse to specialize too much because working on different fields keeps me updated and makes me a better photographer and artist at heart. I do always apply different techniques and style I learned from wedding, photography, and design. That’s why we came up with this website so we all can get hitched with creativity.

The gears I cannot live without are my Canon DSLR and lenses which I take with me while traveling, together with my Wacom Tablet and laptop for sketching my ideas.

On our spare time, we help people get their website optimized and reach a wider audience through article writing, SMO, SEM and online marketing.

Chief Portrait Designer
Travel Junkie
Captain Cook
I am Michelle Lutero. I love to photograph people and landscape since the film days. I’ve been photographing Weddings and Portraits since 2005 within and outside Metro Manila, here in the Philippines. Now, I’m co-captaining my own company.I see myself as an artistic photojournalist writing a story with pictures. Stories without the need for words.
My vision and passion for photography has driven me to capture the spontaneous moments and details of life. Be a part of my journey and view all the beauty around me.Our studio is no ordinary studio that you usually see from other photographers. That should not surprise you because we love to travel and shoot portraits on-location bringing our studio equipment to your preferred destination.
On the other side, I love to cook. Being a dog breeder as well, we love to play with our dogs and puppies who are able to socialize as well with children and fellow animals.