Wedding Photography: What Brides Need To Know

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Shooting professional wedding photography in the Philippines is hard work and needs to be done properly. Your photographer should have the technical knowledge and skills, with professional grade equipment, and a broad experience when capturing wedding images that will last a lifetime. An average photographer will find it hard to know the difference between artistic from simply bad photography.

Make an appointment with the photographer so you can view their wedding portfolios and find out their photography style. Discuss details of your event in person. Your photographer should have the personality to complement you on your wedding day. Take note, you will be interacting with this person all day under what will most likely be a stressful situation. You may ask some of these questions below in order to make an informed decision.


Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

  1. How many weddings do the photographer had captured already?
  2. Does the photographer ever shot a wedding at your chosen reception venue before?
  3. Does the photographer know the policy of your church or wedding ceremony venue because some have very specific rules regarding photography.
  4. Why do you photograph weddings? This will reveal the photographer’s level of passion and excitement.
  5. Ask whether the studio or photographer sells a service via a package or a’la carte. You should have a good understanding of what specifically you will get for your investment, like how many hours of coverage are included in the specified price.
  6. Who will be photographing the event? Make sure the person whose images are showcased is the person covering your wedding. Everyone’s style is different, so this is important.
  7. Do you have a backup equipment and supplemental lighting? A camera that crashes during the ceremony could wreak havoc and a photographer that keeps turning up the lights at a reception can ruin the ambience.
  8. Does the photographer’s service include black & white as well as color images? What is the average number of images captured?
  9. How much time do we need to allocate for our formal portraits?
  10. Are engagement sessions included in the pricing level described?
  11. Will you be working alone or will you have an assistant?
  12. When will the proofs be ready for viewing?
  13. What is the required deposit and when is the balance due?
  14. What types of albums do you offer and how long do you take to produce the album?

Closing Thoughts

When you made a decision and chosen your wedding photographer for your memorable wedding event, make sure that you have a contract signed. This is necessary to protect your interests and will prevent you having to deal with problems afterwards.


I would like to share to you Seth’s blog post on Professionals, amateurs and the great unwashed that might inspired you to coming up with your decision.

If you want something done, perhaps you would ask a professional to do it. Someone who costs a lot but is worth more than they charge. Someone who shows up even when she doesn’t feel like it. Someone who stands behind her work, gets better over time and is quite serious indeed about the transaction.

Or perhaps you could hire a passionate amateur. That’s a forum leader doing it for love, not money. An obsessive in love with the craft. A talented person willing to trade income for the chance to do what he loves, with freedom.

Please, though, don’t hire someone who just thinks it’s a job. This category represents the majority of your options, and this category is what gives work a bad name.

- Seth Godin

If you have additional questions to add, do leave your comment and suggestions below for us to learn more.


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Tampa wedding photographer

Oh that’s really good points you have mentioned here. You told valuable question that we should ask from a wedding photographer before select a photographer.


Martin Luper

This is solid information, we used a company called greensnakestudios and they were perfect. I and my partner would suggest giving them a call..



Ask whether you can get the high resolution versions of the images.



I’ve heard alot of horror experience about people who loved the photographer’s portfolio, but then they ended up with not so good shots. Great article! And yes, brides should take a look at the Full set of proofs from 1 wedding taken by the photographer and meet them in person to know them better.


Erdis Driza

is there any post like questions to ask the couple?


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