28 Iconic Dollar Bill Portrait Transformation

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San Francisco-based artist James Charles started to be happily occupied drawing on dollar bills, changing faces and transforming them into iconic portraits using ink on real U.S. currency bill. His ink and materials for this art project combines well and match flawlessly with what U.S. Mint applies on the bank notes. Later on, he began changing the font and script of the lower part of the bills perfectly.

James Charles’ artwork is currently on view at the Shooting Gallery, side by side with Akira Beard for the “American Iconomics” dual exhibition presentation and is open to the public until June 4, 2011. Here’s a showcase of what he called art projects in which he doesn’t consider as currency bills.

01-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation01. Jedi Master

02-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation02. Silver Bullets

03-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation03. War Criminal

04-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation04. Waltsicle

05-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation05. Van Gogh’s Ear

06-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation06. Heavy Metal

07-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation07. The Geisha

08-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation08. Bowl Haircut

09-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation09. Burger Clown

10-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation10. Hell Raiser

11-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation11. Nice Buns

12-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation12. What Me Worry

13-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation13. Pity The Fool

14-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation14. Sex Symbol

15-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation15. Tea Party MILF

16-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation16. Love Lorn / Frankensteinian Wedlock

17-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation17. Runaway Bride / Frankensteinian Wedlock

18-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation18. Jimi Hendrix

19-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation19. Pussy Magnate

20-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation20. Governator

21-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation21. Frida Kahlo

22-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation22. Family Values

23-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation23. Man In Black

24-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation24. Bieber Fever

25-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation25. Scum Victim

26-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation26. Needs Viagra

27-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation27. Face Huggers

28-iconic-dollar-bill-portrait-transformation28. E=MC2 Dollars

Lead Image via Scott Campbell

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