25 Creative Trash the Dress Wedding Photography: Posing Ideas for the Bride

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Trash the dress wedding photography is not just about ruining your wedding gown. It can be a different way of how brides and grooms express themselves which can be as moderate or outrageous as they want it to be. It is created to present the wedding dress in creative ways once it has been put to use. It’s a modern trend for young couples who happen to be in search of breathtaking on-location portraits devoid of the time and location restrictions of the wedding event.

Brides and grooms are simply looking for amazing imagery for their wedding album. Regardless of whether you’ve been married for one day or perhaps a decade, you can still go back into your bridal gown for a fantastic photo shoot. Just find a professional photographer which can be very creative throughout the portrait session and who can capture those unscripted moments.

It can be a little daunting just by planning what to do for your photo session because of plenty of magnificent backdrops you can find everywhere. If you want these kind of environmental portraits after your wedding, here are 25 unique ideas and inspiration to get you started. The wonderful pictures produced from this trash the dress wedding photography tend to be more than worth it if you hire the right photographer.

25 Trash the Dress Ideas for Environmental Portraits

1. Stand above an old rusty aircraft


Photo via Anna Igonina

2. Dance on the beach


Photo via Kuzmenko Victoria

3. Play basketball


Photo via Kuzmenko Victoria

4. Join the wildlife


Photo via Mikhail Leshchenko

5. Drive through mud


Photo via Taraswain Blog

6. Go underwater


Photo via Delsolphotography

7. Express yourself with paints


Photo via Pinterest

8. Mimic a climb if you dare


Photo via Nicolaschauveau

9. Have fun with rice hay


Photo via Kuzmenko Victoria

10. Have a cup of drink in bed above the sea


Photo via Oleg Fedorov

11. Cross a bridge with your boots


Photo via Nicholas Ferrets

12. Run until you reach the finish line


Photo via Paul Vorontsov

13. Drink your wine inside the bath tub


Photo via Lisa Galician

14. Roll over the sandy beach


Photo via Pinterest

15. Kiss as you do some acrobatic position


Photo via Kuzmenko Victoria

16. Have a wine toss inside the bus


Photo via Ivan Tsarevsky

17. Lie down the boat with your feet up


Photo via Kuzmenko Victoria

18. Play hockey


Photo via Nikolai Zlobin

19. Sleep on the rooftop


Photo via Flat-Elena Romanova

20. Sit on a shopping cart


Photo via Kuzmenko Victoria

21. Enjoy the sun under the swimming pool


Photo via Olga Markova

22. Throw pillow feathers on each other


Photo via Edward Stelmach

23. Dip your feet on the lake as you watch the fishes


Photo via Alexander Semochkin

24. Throw up your wedding dress


Photo via Dmitry Rabe

25. Take a rest on a railway track


Photo via Blogspot

Wedding Photography Tips:

Behind the Scene of Trash the Dress Shoot by Justin Wojtczak. To learn more about trash the dress, you may check out Wedpix.com article here.

Trash the dress wedding photography is achieving popularity as more wedding photographers start to provde the option as part of their wedding packages and services.

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jeff salvage

My wife and i have a different take, don’t trash the dress, use it up. I’ve photographed! her in her wedding dress over 125 times since our wedding. Check out some of our crazy photos at http://www.onedressonewoman.com.


J. Isidro

Great shots —- interesting and fun! Makes me want to don a wedding dress and try a couple of the concepts myself. (LOL) I agree — veering from traditional wedding poses makes for more interesting imagery in the wedding album. Am sure adding a touch of any of these poses (or at least something akin to it) would elicit more smiles and laughter when you revisiting your wedding album. Besides its your day and why not add an expression of yourselves in it. Of course, you’ll need an obliging groom (or bride) and a good photographer too. Crossing the bridge on boots or running through a finish line are ones I’d like to try. Please check out this site too: http://flairtree.weebly.com/ for other interesting wedding concepts. :-)


RI wedding photographer

Awesome photos! LOVE shot #6 amazing photography!! Thanks for sharing!



Wow so beautiful and eye caching photos collection. Extra ordinary photos collection. I really enjoying your post very much. Thanks a lot for sharing.



The ideas are so fun. I´d b sure to take note of them and hopefully pull up the courage to do any of the things that you suggested a bride should do with her groom. I am quite certain that it would be a wedding photoshoot that couples can have fun looking back to during a rough patch or a serious row.



Really great ideas for trash the dress photo session. Like wild life, under the water, dance on the beach and roll over the sandy beach as they can all go well for a Bahamas wedding shot.


Kristina - DJs-In-CT

This is really ridiculous. But for me I prefer to preserve my wedding dress or keep it to have a souvenir on your wedding day.


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